The Yale College Student Investment Group was founded in 1981 with $89,000 in seed money raised from various Yale alumni, including Jim Rogers (co-founder of the Quantum hedge fund with George Soros) and Barton Biggs (former chairman of Morgan Stanley Investment Management). The money was donated to the Yale Endowment, to be managed by a group of undergraduates. The Group used to have an official adviser from the Yale Endowment, but is now independent. Still, the holdings of the Group are considered to belong to the Endowment. As such, any capital gains the Group generates are exempt from tax.

Over the past 34 years, YSIG has played a significant role on campus in exposing hundreds of Yale students to investing. After decades of prudent management and dedicated membership, we are proud to say that we now have the largest independent undergraduate investment fund in the US. Our organization has three primary goals: to successfully manage and grow our portfolio, to thoroughly educate our members in the art and science of investing, and to maintain a close community of YSIG students and alums. Our members come from a diverse set of backgrounds with varying interests in the world of economics and finance.