Kevin Liu


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Kevin is a senior in Ezra Stiles College majoring in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He is interested in a wide range of investment strategies, and approaches investment ideas with logic, objectivity, and intellectual rigor. Kevin joined YSIG because it is a locus for Yale’s brightest talent in investing, and is also a member of the Yale Taekwondo team and the Yale Undergraduate Economics Association.


Jingran Wang

Investment Manager & Head of Consumers Investments


Jingran is a junior in Calhoun College, double majoring in Statistics and Economics. YSIG appeals to him because investing successfully, namely beating the market, is one of the greatest intellectual challenges that exist today. It requires not only a strong technical grasp of the markets but also an acute awareness of the human subjectivity and policy risks that can shift at any moment. At YSIG, we are unafraid to question any investments thesis and push each other to be at our collective best. When not looking for mispricing in the market, he can be found practicing for the next Mock Trial tournament or playing pick-up basketball at Payne Whitney.


Paavan Gami 

Director of Macro / Think Tank


Paavan is a junior in Silliman College majoring in Ethics, Politics, & Economics, and is academically interested in domestic political economy issues and macroeconomics more broadly. He finds the investing process to be a thrilling intellectual exercise, especially because success is defined not by some academic vacuum but rather in direct comparison to other investors. He particularly likes looking for alternative investments in the non-equities space, because he thinks smaller markets tend to be less efficient. YSIG has been a great place to meet like-minded people; investing as a group is a ton of fun and a great way to learn from others.


Patrick George

Director of  Public Affairs

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Patrick is a sophomore in Pierson College majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. While he has always been interested in how the global economy functions, his interest in investing blossomed when he joined the Yale Student Investment Group.  The unique intellectual rigor associated with investing drew him in, as did working work with the most talented investors at Yale.  YSIG has taught him the skills required to invest successfully and allowed him to fully act upon his passion. Aside from YSIG, Patrick is a member of the Yale Debate Association and the Roosevelt Institute at Yale.


James Jiang

Head of Healthcare Investments

James is a junior in Ezra Stiles and Head of Healthcare Investments. His interest in the healthcare space comes from more from the fact that he was once a pre-med. Healthcare and healthcare-related industries currently and will forever command a significant portion of the world economy. The unique economics of drug discovery, coupled with the complex interactions between patients, physicians, payers, regulators, and industry, create a uniquely challenging and rewarding exercise for the aspiring investor. Outside of YSIG, James enjoys long-distance running and is currently also working on a healthcare-related startup.


Scott Eisner

Head of Financials & Real Estate Investments


Scott is a senior majoring in math/economics and has long been interested in the markets and investing. He is a firm believer in capitalism: the concept of taking money and making it into more money. The Financials & Real Estate team has the ability to focus on not only fundamental investing, but macroeconomic issues as well. He has thoroughly enjoyed his experience in YSIG, not only because he has learned a lot about the investing process and has had a chance to put his money where his mouth is, but because he really likes the people in the group and it’s great to be around people who don’t think that Capital Gains is a dirty word.


Mason Liang

Head of Technology, Media, and Telecom Investments


Mason is the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Investments. He is currently a junior in Pierson majoring in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science. Mason’s interests lie in fundamental and quantitative value investing. Predicting the market’s behavior is a fascinating activity that requires an acute awareness for details as well as a deeply analytic mind. YSIG offers both the necessary resources and intellectual capacity to cultivate this personality. In his free time, Mason enjoys writing basic trading algorithms and following the markets.


Alexander Knight

Head of Analyst Training Program


Alex is a junior in Pierson College majoring in Political Science with a inter-disciplinary concentration in International Economics. After transferring to Yale from Duke University, Alex founded the the  Analyst Training Program (ATP) shortly after joining YSIG. The program is intended to teach new analysts about the process of financial analysis that Alex started teaching himself over five years ago. He looks at buy-side investing as one of the few careers that allows him to learn as much as he can about the world as a whole. As a competitive individual, he enjoys watching his predictions come true and beating the markets. When not in class, at YSIG, or managing his own portfolio, Alex can be found in the ceramics studio, where he teaches potters wheel, or at the gym.


Donat Sule

Head of Energy & Mining Investments


Zachary Krumholz

Head of Industrials Investments


Zach has always been interested in markets and businesses. Before YSIG, he only acted on his interest in markets and businesses through his major, economics; however, since joining YSIG he has learned the tangible skill set required in the investment world.  He believes that the Yale Student Investment Group has helped further his passion of investing and learning how businesses operate. Through his own drive and research, he has brought unique investment ideas to the group. Through his hard work and collaboration with other members, he hopes to bring new ideas and help foster an environment where the members of YSIG challenge each other to help find the truth. Aside from YSIG, he is a committed member of the Men’s Varsity Tennis Team.